December 06, 2023

what are the typical characteristics of the Internet of Things?

Compared with the traditional Internet, what are the typical characteristics of the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a new generation of information technology. qcm6125 As the name suggests, the Internet of Things is the Internet of Things. This has two meanings: First, the core and foundation of the Internet of Things is still the Internet, which is an extension and extension of the Internet based network; Second, its client extends and extends to any object and object, exchanging information and communicating.

Therefore, the definition of the Internet of Things is: through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning system, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment, qualcomm qcm6490

any object is connected to the Internet in accordance with the agreed protocol, to achieve intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of the object network.

Typical features of Internet of Things

Compared with the traditional Internet, the Internet of Things has its own distinctive characteristics.

1. It is a broad cognitive technique. There are a large number of different types of sensors deployed on iot. Each sensor is an information source, and different types of sensors capture different information content and formats. The data collected by the sensor is real-time and periodically updates the data by collecting environmental information at a certain frequency.

2. It is the ubiquitous network built on the Internet. The important foundation and core of the Internet of Things technology is still the Internet, which integrates with the Internet through various wired and wireless networks to transmit information about objects in real time and accurately. The information regularly collected by sensors on the Internet of Things needs to be transmitted over the network. Because of its huge number, it forms a huge amount of information. In the process of transmission, in order to ensure the correctness and timeliness of data, it is necessary to adapt to various heterogeneous networks and protocols.

3. The Internet of Things not only provides the connection of sensors, but also has intelligent processing power and can intelligently control objects. The Internet of Things combines sensors and intelligent processing technology, and uses a variety of intelligent technologies such as cloud computing and pattern recognition to expand the application field of the Internet of Things. Analyze, process and process meaningful data from the massive information of sensors to meet the different needs of different users and find new application fields and modes.

4. The spirit of the Internet of Things is to provide free interaction between users and application scenarios that are not confined to any occasion and at any time. Relying on cloud service platform and interconnected embedded processing software, it weakens the technical color, strengthens the benign interaction between users, provides better user experience, more timely data collection and analysis suggestions, and enables more free work and study life. It is the physical support to the life of China's intelligent society.

At present, there are attempts in green agriculture, industrial monitoring, public safety, urban management, telemedicine, smart home, intelligent transportation and environmental monitoring.

In short, the Internet of Things will have a huge impact on the world's economy, politics, culture, military and other aspects. Therefore, the Internet of Things is known as the third wave of the world information industry after the computer and the Internet, and will also be the commanding heights of the new round of competition in the information industry. Once the large-scale popularization of the Internet of things, countless daily items need to be equipped with smart sensors or directly upgraded, which will bring immeasurable business opportunities to the market. It is predicted that if the Internet of Things is fully constituted, its industry scale will be 30 times that of the Internet! The Internet of Things will be the next trillion-dollar communications service.

Three key characteristics and three levels of iot


Internet of Things - the important foundation and core of Internet of Things technology


What are the characteristics and application areas of iot?

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